Ad – Review. I was gifted the HEXBUG JUNKBOTS & movie treats in return for  review purposes, however all thoughts are my own

HEXBUG have launched a brand new product. This merges toys and entertainment through an eight-part digital series and game on the Roblox platform based on Junkbots. This new series and Roblox game follows a new adventure instigated when Junkbot Jack receives a cryptic radio transmission.

Why not celebrate the launch by preparing your own Movie Night With Junkbots on 20th August. Head over to the HEXBUG Official YouTube channel to watch the episodes and don't forget the popcorn. A movie night isn't complete without drinks and sweets too so get yourself some to enjoy whilst watching the episodes and grab a HEXBUG Junkbot to play with too.

What are Junkbots?
Summoned to life through ‘alien radiation’, Junkbots are a  collectible toy that are waiting to be unearthed from their unique trash cans. In this ultimate unboxing experience, dig through junk to reveal hidden treasures and clues to build your own Junk Bot! There are 36 Junkbots to collect and the box contains instructions on how to put together these fun robot figures and includes motorised ones too. Kids can also make them up their own way as well thanks to their universal socket system. 

Junkbots Trash Bins
Dig through the trash bin to find bits to create your own Junkbot! There is the option to follow the junkbot design in the instructions or to create your own one of a kind. There are 14 or more pieces to mix and match and get creative. These packs have a  RRP of £4.99 each and contain one robot. 
Junkbot Dumpster
Dive into the dumpster with over 24 pieces to get creative with. This set contains enough pieces and instructions to make up two junkbots. These packs have a RRP of £9.99 and contain 2 robots.

Junkbot Industrial Dumpster
These are ultimate construction packs with over 50 pieces so you can make 4 Junkbots. Animate your bots either with a motor or dynamic vibrations, and light-up energy core. You can collect and combine boxes to create hundreds of different variations. These kits have a RRP of £19.99.

What we thought

Blake and I made them together along with his best friend. They are great fun for making up your own designs. The kids both found it a bit tricky to make up the ones in the instructions and needed help in doing so. I like that there are a lot of bits in each pack to make up new designs and it's very handy that the boxes can be combined as well. Overall it's a great concept, they are definitely fiddly to put together and I feel that once they are made up they are more for  display than for playing with as they aren't that robust. They do have lots of small pieces so make sure they are kept away from children under the age of 3. 

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