On Wednesday we headed on an hours journey by train to Sheffield for the day. We have never been there before and fancied a change of scenery. We didn't really have plans in place of where to visit and just decided to see once we got there. We did actually get quite a bit done whilst we were there despite going the wrong way to places a few times.

Once we arrived in Sheffield The first place that we headed to was the Millennium Gallery along the way we spotted these colourful walls which were perfect for a photo opportunity. The Millennium Gallery had  few exhibitions on two lots of metal work and two lots of artwork areas my favourite has to be the John Hoyland: The last paintings. They were such colourful and vibrant abstract art pieces that it made in his last eight years of life.

On the way out we headed through the Winter Garden where there are more than 2500 plants. There are also several retail units and a place to stop off for coffee and light refreshments. We decided to head out into the main shopping area though to look for food and ended up in McDonald's since we knew Blake would eat there. 

The National Emergency Services Museum was the next thing we chose to go. This was a museum you had to pay for which wasn't too bad since the other places we visited were free entry. There are over 40 vehicles on display and three floors of exhibits within the historic building.  Blake of course loved the display of trains.

Last of all before heading back to the station we decided to pop into Sheffield Cathedral.  There was also a sculpture trail called the bears of Sheffield although we didn't do this we did however see quite a few dotted around the place. 


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