*This is a collaborative post*

At the beginning of the year I usually set goals/resolutions/ whatever you call them.  This year I personally chose not to after everything with 2020 I thought it was best not to. Unfortunately this has meant alot of bad habits have crept in especially over the summer holidays. So now Blake is back in school, I've decided to set myself a few goals for the rest of 2021. I came across this post on 6 ways to stay motivated and achieve your goals which has some really handy advice. 


Financial overhaul

Having an emergency fund is important and I've luckily put away enough for at least a month already. However over the summer I've been spending and not saving. So my goal is to do a financial overhaul which means budgeting, starting to save again, getting back into Frugal habits and more. I think I'm also going to log back into the finance for freedom course  I did quite a few years ago now to refresh on what I learnt. 

Eating more healthy 

I've not been very good over the summer holidays which isn't at all good for my sugar levels with being diabetic. So I want to start getting back into choosing more healthier options, low carb definitely is the way to go for me. I also need to up how much water I drink and cut down on caffeine levels. If I do fancy a treat than I'll look into low sugar and low carb treats like these ones from Deliciously Guilt Free


I'm planning to slowly get back into exercise. I really want to invest in an exercise bike at some point and also want to start doing Zumba again. 

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