This past week has really flown by. On Monday it was back to school for Blake and into year one. He was slightly unsure about going into a different part of the building but he managed to settle quickly. We met his new teacher briefly who seems really lovely. 

By Friday he was absolutely exhausted and was definitely ready for a relaxed weekend. We decided we will wait until next week before we go on any weekend adventures so that he is more settled with the new school routine.

Whilst Blake was at school on Wednesday I had two new tattoos done which I absolutely love. I made sure that I had saved up and had booked them well in advance. 

The first tattoo is of two daisies on my ankle. Daisies are Blake's favourite flowers hence why I chose them. Blake is thrilled with this new piece of ink I've got.

The next is a pile of books with a mug of coffee. By now most people know that I absolutely love to read. So I knew I had to get a book themed tattoo. I love coffee too and there is nothing better than reading a book with a steaming mug of coffee or hot chocolate in my opinion. 

I now have six tattoos but definitely am wanting to have more done and have plenty of ideas so I must get saving up!

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