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So, you have decided to invest in new carpet for your living room, but have no idea what you need to look out for? Don't worry as I'm here to help you with a handy guide. Choosing new carpet is an investment for your home so it's definitely important to know what to look out for, then order numerous samples so you can see your potential new floor covering in the fleshbefore buying


Your living room tends to be a high foot traffic area, especially as it's a room the whole family use. To make sure that your living room carpet stands the test of time, check the carpet's durability - which is measured in face weight, tuft twist and density rating. You should be aiming for a 34- to 40-ounce face weight, a tuft twist of 5 or more, and a density rating of 2,000 or higher. You can also do a simple test of bending a carpet sample backwards: if you can see the backing easily then it's a low-density carpet and should be avoided.

Fibre options

The fibres you choose will impact on the look, feel and durability of the carpet. Softness may be a major consideration, especially if your family spends a considerable amount of time on the floor, in which case you will likely want a 100% wool carpet as these natural fibres are supremely comfortable underfoot. Plant fibres such as seagrass, sisal and jute are also popular these days, because they are unusual and full of texture and character. At the other end of the spectrum are man-made fibres, two most common of which are nylon and polypropylene. The former is extremely durable and practical, while the latter has natural stain￾resistance and is the most affordable option you can go for.

Easy to clean

If you have children/pets than spills/stains are bound to happen. So definitely consider this when choosing a carpet as some materials have more of an advantage. For example, many man￾made materials such as polypropylene are bleach-cleanable, making them extremely practical. However, don't instantly discount natural fibres, as wool and sisal carpets can also be treated with stain-repellent, while some retailers and brands also offer lifetime stain warranties.


Choosing the colour of your new carpet is a personal choice. Neutral shades such as grey and beige tend to be great choices as they don't go out of style. Opting for dark colours is a goodchoice if you have pets/children to hide pet hairs and everyday stains. Bold colours are fun but tend to fall out of style quickly and can look dated in time.

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