This past week has really been a quiet one. After last week with Blake having a bug this week both of us ended up with a cold. It wasn't very nice and I'm only just recovering from it. Luckily Stuart didn't catch it and did most of the school runs, as I've been feeling so drained.

Most of the week we've spent alot of time outside in the fresh air. We had a few great evenings sat outside chatting with our neighbour whilst the kids played. One evening we also ordered in a McDonald's for the 5 of us and we just sat and chatted. It's been really lovely and I'll be sad when the weather prevents us from doing this, so we are making the most of it while we can.

 Yesterday I took Blake up the hill to our nearest park so that Blake could have a good run around burn off some excess energy. The weather was lovely for it so I was able to sit in the sunshine whilst he played on the slide.

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