The past two weeks have been  a bit all over the place. I've had an awful sore throat on and off still, but made sure we went to soft play on Saturday 2nd October as Blake had been  asking to go. We actually had a great time there minus a little hiccup when  Blake lashed out at another child. But other than that he loved running around and burning off energy. Whilst we were out and about I managed to stop via Greggs to grab a pumpkin spiced latte. I must admit they are one of my favourite autumn drinks.

Then this week Blake has had an awful cough and we've had to do two covid tests. One was a lateral flow and the other was a PCR and both came back negative so he was allowed back to school. Unfortunately he was sent home again Friday after he fell asleep in class, which really is unlike him. He still isn't 100% but I'm hoping next week he has better luck going to school and most importantly starts to feel more like himself again. We did take him to the out of hours Dr to just double check it wasn't anything like a throat or chest infection. It is just a cold but it's obviously a bad one. 

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