4 activities to do with kids

   *This is a collaborative post*

Baking your favourite treats

A wonderful activity to do with kids when it is raining outside is baking. Trade those screens for spatulas and bake your favourite sugary treats. Think about pumpkin spice cookies; a lovely treat for tea. 

Your home will smell like a real bakery and your kids’ bellies will be full and happy. If you want to make it a full-day activity, make that layered cake that you’ve always dreamed of! Invite some friends or family and treat them to your masterpiece. 

Start a crafting project

A good way to stimulate your kids’ creative ability is to start a crafting project. Prepare well and find a project that is suitable for you and your child(ren). Get all the materials you need at the art supply store and start crafting. 

Make sure it is easy to clean up afterwards. Cover your table with a plastic sheet, and use water-based paint for easy cleaning. If you’re not sure what to craft, we suggest that you take a look at Pinterest. There are plenty of seasonal activities such as carving pumpkins or making chestnut art. 

Go outside and enjoy nature

If you’re tired of sitting outside and the weather allows it, take your chance and go outside! Put your kid(s) in rubber boots and hop on outside. ant to take it to the next level? Try a hiking holiday. You’ll be able to see the most beautiful nature and your kid(s) will get a break from their screens for once. 

If you’re feeling a little adventurous, try taking a hiking holiday abroad. A good trail to hike is the GR20 on Corsica. This is a slightly difficult trail, but take all the time you need and enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views with your child(ren). 

Another good trail to hike with your kid(s) is the Alta Via 2 in Italy. Familiarize your children with the beautiful nature of the Italian Dolomites as you walk this trail. 

Pack some light backpacks and leave your heavy equipment behind, as Bookatrekking.com will make sure that your luggage gets transferred to your next accommodation.

Family movie time

If the weather is dreary outside, and your children are getting bored, try to relax with a family movie day. Grab some blankets and your freshly baked cookies and get comfortable on the couch. Let your children pick the movie and you’ll be good for an hour or two. 

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