The Benefits of Outdoor Learning for Children

 *This is a collaborative post

The great outdoors is abundant with a range of learning opportunities for children, and its something that parents should encourage where possible. So many of us are worried about the amount of time our kids spend playing on their phones and games consoles, so getting them out and about is a great way to give them a much-needed digital detox. I have teamed up with an international school in Hertfordshire to share the benefits of outdoor learning.

Improves Health and Wellbeing

Time spent outdoors is a great way to encourage your child to lead a healthy lifestyle. It allows them to exercise, blow off some steam and receive the fresh air that we’ve all been lacking since the global pandemic forced us into lockdown. 

Exposes New Challenges

The outside world exposes youngsters to a range of new risks and challenges that they can’t overcome in a normal classroom environment. That helps them with their problem-solving skills and their ability to identify and evaluate various hazards.

Boosts Curiosity

The more learning opportunities your child experiences, the more curious they will be.  

Improves Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Climbing trees, planting seeds, running, and jumping are all activities that help support a child’s motor skill development. These are skills that allow us to move and carry out everyday tasks, so they’re more important than you might think. 

Encourages Respect for the Environment

If your child learns to love the outdoors, they will likely have more respect for the environment. Perhaps you could go litter picking together or plant some trees in the woods. 

Increases Confidence

As your child develops various new skills, they will become increasingly more confident in their abilities. A confident child will be better at taking on new challenges, so it will benefit them in both their personal life and academically. 

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