How to a Raise an Optimistic Child

  *This is a collaborative post*

Maintaining an optimistic attitude can be challenging at times, even for the most upbeat of people. However, it’s a valuable mindset to possess because it helps us find contentment and overcome difficulties with a positive approach. With that said, parents should try and find ways to instil a sense of optimism in their children, using the following tips from a girls’ prep school in Surrey.

Challenge Negativity

Keep an eye on your child and their general attitude and try and contest any negative comments or pessimistic views. For instance, if they say something like “I’m really worried about this exam tomorrow” you should say something like “There’s absolutely nothing to worry about, you’ve done plenty of revision so I’m sure you’ll do well. If it doesn’t go to plan, you’ll know what to work on for next time”. This should help them adopt a more positive approach and will give them a sense of comfort and support. 

Embrace Failure

Your child will most certainly make mistakes throughout their life – we all do. Rather than criticising them for their mistakes, try and embrace their failure by assuring them that they’re perfectly normal and its nothing they can’t get past. 

Explore Gratitude

Try and encourage your child to think about the positives in life, no matter how small, by placing an emphasis on gratitude. Each evening, ask them if anything happened during the day that they appreciate, such as someone sharing a snack with them at break or someone giving them a lift to school. This will help them focus on how fortunate they are, which should help them become more optimistic. 

Encourage Ambition

Help your child set some short- and long-term goals so they have something to work towards and look forward to. Remind them that you will support them with any of their aspirations and praise them for their efforts. Join in and set some goals of your own, as this will allow you to be a positive role model for your child. 

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