On December 16th our gorgeous Blake turned 7. He was very excited for his birthday and been pointing at his Peppa Pig cake we had in the fridge in the lead up to it. Once the day arrived he was so excited to see his pile of presents and kept shouting thank you, thank you! He managed to open them all before getting ready for school. We were told once he was picked up from school that he had such a wonderful day. It happened to be Christmas Party Day at school but his class did it a double celebration for him. He also got to see Santa and got a present from him too. 

 Once home from school Blake was excited to get out some of his new toys to play with. A large space hopper from his Granny is popular with him at the moment. Then we headed out to Prezzo which is one of our favourite places to eat out at. Blake especially loves their pizzas and pasta. This time he went for tomato pasta and garlic bread followed by ice cream in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Also this week on Saturday we headed into Lincoln to see Santa at the Grotto and then headed up steep hill to Lincoln Castle in the evening to see the beautiful Illuminations and walk along the castle wall. It was so magical and definitely something I want to make a tradition of doing each year if we can. 

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