This week we were glad that Blake could finally get out of isolation and back to school on the Friday. This meant that we were able to get out and about at the weekend.

Saturday was an early birthday celebration for Blake with a few of his friends at soft play. We were so glad that this was something that we didn't have to cancel as Blake was so excited to see his friends.

On Sunday we headed to our towns Christmas Market that was on. It was slightly disappointing as there weren't many stalls. It turns out the event had more things on the Saturday. Blake still had a wonderful time though on the rides especially the tea cups.

We then headed to Specsavers with Blake for an eye test. It went much better than we had expected it to go and are very proud of how he coped with it all. They want to see him again in 6 months time so he gets used to it and in hopes that they will be able to be able to do more tests and get a better look at his eyes. 

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