Ad/Gifted – The Topic Packs from Oaka books featured in this post were gifted to me in exchange for a review. However all opinions are my own.

I believe that learning isn't just for at school. Learning can happen everywhere. We use educational apps, games, toys and days out with Blake to help aid his learning. I recently received these science topic packs from Oaka Books that are suitable for KS2 children ( age 7-11 years) they look great fun for visual learners and SEN children.

I opted for the four Science KS2 packs for Blake as Science is something we love doing together. Oaka Topic Packs, make learning easier. They are clear and to the point and use three learning strategies to aid understanding and information retention.


The Oaka System helps visual learners to retain information, focus and interest. There are three methods of learning in each topic pack that help to increase the long term memory recall needed for exams as well as presenting information in a clear and easy to understand format.



The first step is to start with reading the topic book that comes in the pack. The topic books have short and concise bullet points making the points clear and easy to follow.  The illustrations are bright and clear too making it eye-catching.


The next step that gets children engaging is the active learning game/map and Q&A Flashcards/ Character Cards that are included. These are a great way to help kids learn to memorise key facts/historical events. 


In the Write Your Own Notes Booklet, children will be prompted for answers that they will have learnt from the topic booklet and Active Learning Map/Game. 

We really like the packs and the three learning steps. If your child has additional needs or is a visual learner these are ideal. I wish back when I was in school that there was something very similar as they would've been helpful in subjects I really struggled with. 


These packs make learning fun in an engaging way. This is an approach that really helps especially as children get older and need to revise for exams.

Supports SEN children/visual learners
The packs are great for children with Special educational needs and visual learners. The short and to the point text is really helpful so it's not too overwhelming.

Supports different ways of learning
One revision method doesn't work for everyone as each child is unique. Because of the three learning steps the topic packs cater for different ways of learning by using more than one method.

Is in a consistent format
With each subject being in the same format children won't feel as stressed/anxious when it comes to learning/revision.

I've teamed up with Oaka Books so that one lucky person can win the bundle of 4 KS2 Science Topic Packs that we got which are as follows:
- Our bodies, how they grow and move
- Living things and their habitats 
- Plant growth and plant life cycle 
- Rocks and soil

For a chance to win the game all you have to do is enter via the rafflecopter below.

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