Last April I made the decision to go and get my nose pierced and almost a year later I have no regrets. There are different areas of the nose you can get peirced such as septum, bridge, nostril etc. I had my nostril done as it's something that I had been wanting to do for awhile but just didn't have the confidence to actually go ahead and do.

As someone who has their nostril pierced I thought this post would be handy to share my experience and give you a bit of information if it is something that you have been considering getting done. Before I got my nose pierced I made sure I read up all about it. How its done, how to keep it clean, the healing process, how to change the stud/ring, types of jewelry. I even watched videos of it being done just so I knew what to expect and if it was right for me. I also made sure that the place I was going to get it done at was professional. 

Does it hurt?

It's the most common question I get asked. My honest answer is that everyone has a different pain threshold so I can't say it will or won't hurt for you. However for me I found it to be a very sharp pinch which caused my eyes to water a lot. After though it was a little sore and a bit sensitive but I was able to cope with it. Just be careful not to bump your nose and be careful when trying to blow your nose.

Nostril piercing aftercare

Taking care of your nostril piercing isn't difficult, but you do need to keep up with cleaning it to prevent infection. Here is a basic aftercare guide:

1. Use an antibacterial soap to thoroughly clean your nose and hands before performing aftercare.

2. Use a *Salt Spray Solution twice a day - there is no need for more than that.

3. Use a thick tissue such as kitchen towel to apply the solution or you can spray the solution directly onto your nose.

 4. Don’t wash more than twice a day, and avoid any thick creams or alcohol solutions in the first 2 weeks as they may cause irritation.

5. You should do this for as long as 6 months, even after it has healed, as you don’t want it closing over or getting infected.

When is it safe to change your jewelry?

A nostril piercing takes about 3-6 months to heal. I personally would leave it a little longer as I took mine out to clean and change and it closed up really quickly.

Jewelry options 
There are four different types of jewelry for nostril piercings. 

Nose studs
Often referred to as an L shaped stud, these are most likely what you will get pierced with. It's simple to insert although does need cleaning more often which can be annoying. I found I took mine out to clean and my piercing closed up quickly and had to be repierced inside. 

Nose screw
A nose screw is corkscrew shaped to hook into the nose and keep the piercing in place. I personally prefer this one as it stays much secure than an L shaped stud. The only downside I have found is it is much more fiddly to insert and takes up a bit more space in my nostril.

Nose Bone
A nose bone is the simplest jewelry type as its straight with a small ball on the end to keep it in place. I've no experience of using this type myself.

Nose ring
A nose ring is a hoop or ring that goes through the nostril from the outside and loops around. I've yet to try one but they do look cool although have heard they can be more intrusive than studs.

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