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I've sold items online before and didn't get on that well with Ebay and Facebook marketplace. So last September I decided to try out selling on Vinted after hearing about it for a while. I still donate to charity shops from time to time but I had lots of clothing Blake had grown out of piled up at the bottom of his wardrobe. It was doing my head in as every time I opened his wardrobe they would fall out,  plus I had some clothing items of mine I wanted to get rid of. So trying out Vinted has definitely helped me to make a bit of money. Here are 5 reasons to shop and sell on Vinted as it's not just about making extra cash.

The first thing to do is to sign up to Vinted (Get £5.00 when a friend lists their first 3 items and £10.00 when they sell using your referral link. This is mine so thank you, if you choose to use it) once you are all registered than create a profile. You don't need a long essay - it's just nice to include a photo and add something short and sweet. You can see below that I've mentioned the kind of thing I plan on selling, that I offer discounts on bundles and that I'm happy to be messaged for offers.

I think that's great information to include especially if people are looking for specific items, sizes etc.  You can also put your location but I have left that off mine as I won't be offering local collection.

Another thing I really reccomend doing before you add any items to sell is to check your settings. The reason I say this is because you can choose what postage options you can offer. To begin with I only offered royal mail, however since getting a printer and having other shipping options has meant I've been able to sell a lot more quickly.

As well as those options you can add your bank card for any purchases you may want to make, offer discounts for bundles and there is an option for 2- step verification. 

How do you sell on Vinted?
Selling on Vinted is easy once you have set up your profile - snap photos of what you are wanting to sell, add the photos,  describe the item/s, set up the price you want and then tap upload.  Once your item is sold just package it up, print off the shipping label and pop off to your local drop off point. 

How does postage/shipping work?
Once your item is sold you will receive a link with a downloadable label.  Package your item, attach this label (I just print off and sellotape to the package) and then take it to the Parcelshop, Post Office etc.
You can sell on Vinted if you don't have a printer however it is a bit of a faff as you would need to list all your items with custom postage instead of just weighing and selecting the relevant postage option on the Vinted website. You could also just offer delivery with royal mail and add that into your description, however since getting a printer I've definitely sold more items by having a variety of shipping options available.

Does Vinted charge selling fees?
No, there are zero selling fees. If you sell something for £5 you get £5 once sold and the buyer has received the item/s. Vinted makes money as far as I'm aware by buyer protection fees, items that are bumped and wardrobe spotlights.

How does bumping an item/spotlighting your wardrobe work?
Bumping an item will cost you 95p per item for 3 days and appears at the top of the catalogue and feed. Spotlighting your wardrobe is £6.95 for 7 days which helps you to get more interaction on your items and help new followers and buyers to find you.

How do you get paid on Vinted?
Once your buyer receives their item they have 2 days to let you/Vinted know about any issues. If they confirm all is fine, or 2 days passes, the funds are released to your Vinted balance. From there you can use this balance to make purchases on Vinted OR you can withdraw it to a bank account. This usually takes about 5 working days, however in some cases it has been faster for me.

Vinted better than Ebay?
Personally for me I definitely prefer it to Ebay. I've found it so much easier to list things. The fact that there are no fees for selling is definitely a bonus and so far I've had no problems with items arriving not arriving etc. 

What you can and can't sell on Vinted?
On Vinted you can sell the following:
- Women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, footwear and accessories.

-Children’s toys, furniture and childcare equipment.

-New cosmetics, beauty products and beauty gadgets.

-Tech accessories such as headphones, smart watches, phone cases and similar items.

-Homeware such as textiles, tableware and home accessories.  


There are some prohibited items such as counterfeit items, prescription items, food and drink , items that do not comply with hygiene standards such as worn underwear, used cosmetics etc. You can find out more here.

My experience of using Vinted:
Since I signed up for Vinted 6 months ago I've made about £300. Some months I've sold a lot more than others.  I definitely sold more once we got a printer for Christmas and I was able to offer more shipping methods. The most popular option I've found is that people are opting for Hermes for delivery. The more established I am on there has also helped. I've got over 70 reviews which are all 5 star ratings which and I have 18 followers. I've had items that have sold within 24 hours of uploading although I've still got a few that have been up since September. I love how simple it is to upload items for selling and isn't too time consuming to do. Vinted is definitely the best place I've found for selling clothing etc. 

For further reading check out this Guide to selling clothing on Vinted.

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