The Benefits of Sports in Schools

*This is a collaborative post

Sports in schools bring a range of benefits to students, and is a big part of all school curriculums to give children the best chances to explore new experiences. There are also benefits to your child’s studies and their mindset when they come to school that makes for better learning all round. Here are some benefits that this prep school in London shares with us.


Give children the freedom to explore new hobbies

There are so many different sports out there that can give your child a lot to explore in their free time. Schools will do their best to provide a range of sports for your child to try out - from the usual sports like football, rugby and hockey, but also exploring other activities like gymnastics and athletics. They’re getting the chance to discover many things they might not have been capable of before, and it helps them find new hobbies and interests.

Promotes a healthy lifestyle

Sports are in part designed to raise heart rate, get the blood pumping and make you sweat - key ways to burn calories and keep healthy. Sports also promote stronger muscles and makes your child feel fitter in general, which is huge for a child’s health and fitness levels. Taking part in regular exercise has been proven to help people of all ages in building muscle, improving their stamina and harnessing their skills.

Improves mental health

As well as having a huge boost to your physical health, there’s a big benefit to a child’s mental health thanks to sports. Taking part in sports raises a person’s endorphins and allows them to focus better than before, which make them feel more motivated and confident in their skills as a result. Having a sport to take part in will make children forget about their studies for an hour or so and reset, to then return to their normal studies with greater focus.

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