Ad/Gifted – The Mothers Day Gift Set from Give Me Cosmetics featured in this post was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.

If you are still looking for a gift idea for Mothers Day than Give Me Cosmetics has got you covered. If your Mum or other mother figure is into Cosmetics and trying out new products than you need to get your hands on the Mothers Day Gift Set!

The Mother's Day Gift Set contains 11 products for making Mum feel loved and pampered this Mothers Day. The products in the set are worth a total of £97, however you pay £32. The 11 products included are as follows:

-  A Shampoo and Conditioner

- 1 sachet of Argan Oil & Coconut Oil Hair Mask

- 1 Vitamin C Eye Patches rapeseed Oil & Olive

- 1 Oil Makeup Remover 

- 1 Anti-Ageing Day Cream

- 1 Eco Pad - Pink or Black 

- A Deep Cleansing Bubble Mask 

- Lemonade Lip Repair

- 1 Silicone Face Mask brush

- 1 Collagen Sheet Mask 

Shampoo and Conditioner 
I'm definitely a fan of Give Me Cosmetics haircare products. I've used their Shampoo and Conditioner before which really makes my hair feel and look in so much better condition and gives a gorgeous shine.  I'm excited to try out their NEW Mango and Passion fruit Shampoo and Conditioner, which comes with this set.

Both are Paraben-free and the lightweight formula contains a healthy dose of nutrients such as provitamins B5 which is used to increase elasticity in the hair strands and absorb water content for added moisture. Their Shampoo and Conditioner have now been changed to easy squeeze bottles so you can use every last drop. The Shampoo and Conditioner are suitable for all hair types. 

Day Cream
I am absolutely in love with this anti ageing day cream. I love its light weight whipped gel like formula which leaves my skin feeling not just soft and smooth but hydrated and glowing. It has no greasy feel and sinks into my skin quickly - the fact it's also an anti ageing formula is a plus. The key ingredients found in the day cream are as follows:
Vitamin E 

Bubble Mask and face mask brush
The silicone face mask brush that comes in this Mothers Day set is a must for applying liquid and cream facemasks. It makes application so much easier and accurate. 

The Bubble Mask is a fun product that helps to detoxify, exfoliate and deep cleanse  the skin. Apply a thick layer over clean skin and watch how the mud mask foams up and grows within seconds. The bubble face mask is designed to react with the oxygen in the air, creating tiny bubbles which help the ingredients sink into your skin for maximum nourishment. Once applied leave for 8 minutes before massaging the foam into your skin for 1 minute and then rinse. I'll definitely be buying the Bubble face mask again its fun to use and my skin felt refreshed, toned and soft.

Make up Remover and Eco pad
The Eco Pad is a must for removing make up. The Eco Pad is a reusable pad that quickly removes make up with ease, through its soft-to-touch micro fibres that can hold up to 7x it's weight in water. The Eco Pad lasts approximately 200 washes and should last you at least a year. I'm a huge fan of reusable pads but this one is now my favourite and I'll be buying a spare ASAP. 

The make up remover is super easy to use and really does work. First of all you apply 3 drops to dry skin and massage onto the face in circular motions.  Add water to emulsify the remover into a milky cleanser and continue to massage, last of all use the eco pad plus water to remove the cleanser. I must admit when I saw you only need 3 drops I was sure that wouldn't be enough but I was so wrong. Turns out a little really does go along way. 

The Ultimate Face Fix Collagen sheet mask 
I'm a huge fan of Sheet masks and this multi purpose mask contains vitamin E blends, collagen properties and HA for lasting hydration, skin strength and elasticity. I like that it is made from natural plant extracts to maintain a great complexion ensuring firming and rejuvenation. These type of masks are super simple to use and I always massage in any excess product.

Hair Mask Sachet 
Another product I already use and love is the hair mask. The sachet is a great size for trying out the hair mask before buying a full size bottle. Or if like me I'll be popping it in my make up bag to use when we are away on holiday. The mask blends natural Argan Oil and Coconut Oil to help provide that smooth & silky feel. The scent, condition and elasticity experienced from using this product will get you using it again and again. 

Vitamin C Eye Gel Patches
These Vtamin C Eye Gel Patches really are a wake up call for the eyes. Enriched with Vitamin C, Caffeine, Niacinamide & Hyaluronic Acid these Eye Patches brighten and firm the under eye area whilst hydrating and protecting the delicate skin. After 20 minutes use (as pack recommends) my eye area felt really refreshed and has a cooling effect.

Lemonade Lip Repair 
Last of all is the Lemonade Lip Repair which is bursting with anti-oxidants & super-food ingredients. With natural healing properties, the fizzy flavoured formula works to create a protective barrier around the lips whilst delicately rebuilding & restoring damaged skin for smooth & supple lips. This product really has been a lifesaver for my lips recently. Last week I ended up having both a bug and covid at the same time which left my lips feeling really dry, sore and chapped. You only need to apply twice a day and I've found it to be really hydrating and my lips are starting to feel much better again. 
Overall the Mothers Day Gift Set is ideal for Mums as you get a wide range of haircare and skincare plus a lip product included. I like that there is such a variety from the popular hair mask to products I've not seen before such as the make up remover and Bubble Mask. It's a great way to see and try out more Give Me Cosmetics range and find new favourites.

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