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Easter is fast approaching so it's time we start getting prepared for the Easter Holidays. Blake will be off school for 19 days (including the weekends) so we need to keep busy so he doesn't get bored. We are away for part of the holidays however we still have things we want to do outside of that. So I've complied a list incase anyone finds it useful. Some will be location specific days out however there are lots of ideas to suit everyone. 

 Easter Basket
We love to include a range of non chocolate gifts. This guide for alternative gifts for the whole family is really useful and so are these Easter Basket ideas for toddlers and pre-schoolers.

-  Set up an Easter egg hunt 
I'm looking forward to setting up an Easter egg hunt around our house and garden. I'll be using these top tips for organising an Easter egg hunt along with these clues. If you are thinking of a Easter hunt with a difference this Camera phone easter hunt is a great idea. We will be doing this but with the camera that Blake got for Christmas.

- Decorate an Easter tree
We got an Easter tree last year and we will be letting Blake decorate it as well as make some hanging decorations  of our own. Salt dough decorations are another option we are considering trying.

- Decorate the home
I love decorating our home for different occasions. As well as our Easter tree we plan on making some decorations such as buntings and a wreath.

- Make Easter Cards
 Cards are fun to make and I always look for ideas on Pinterest for this kind of thing. This cute pop up bunny card is a fun one to make.

Do a scavenger hunt
There are lots of places you can get printables.
A scavenger hunt is a great activity as you can do them both indoors and outdoors weather depending.

- Plant some flowers/seeds
Blake got this *Nature Lab for Christmas we plan to get out and one of Blake's Easter gifts is this *Peppa Pig Grow and Play Pot.

Get out the bubbles 
Bubbles are hit with most children so we will be getting them out now the weather is nicer. We will also be doing this *Bubble Lab science kit.

- Get out the pavement chalk
Kids love getting chalk out for drawing on the pavements and for games like hop scotch.

- Wear Bunny Ears 

- Play Easter Games 
Some of the ideas I've come up with are:
- Pin the tail on the Bunny
- egg and spoon race
-  Easter bingo
- Carrot Toss
- Inflatable ring toss
If you have older children than this Easter quiz will be fun to do.

-Listen/sing to Easter themed songs
I'll be turning  to YouTube and Prime Music 

-  Watch some Easter films
Hop is one of our favourites but we also love watching Peter Rabbit. I'll be looking for ideas of other Easter themed films.

- Read some Easter books
We need to get Blake some new age appropriate Easter reads however the one we get out year after year is *The Easter Story If you have any younger children then these Easter books for babies are a great selection. We had a few of those mentioned when Blake was younger.

-Visit Lincoln for the City Safari Trail
The City Safari Trail sees 8ft animals made from artificial grass that will be dotted around different locations in the city centre.

- Visit Gaia at the Collection museum 
Gaia by Luke Jerram is an art installation of the earth which is currently displayed at the Collection  Museum in Lincoln. 

- Visit Retford for the Egg Hunt Trail
Another Trail this time finding lego Easter eggs around Retford town centre.

- Get caterpillars for our insect lore kit
We loved watching our caterpillars grow and eventually tuning into butterflies last year. We will definitely be doing this again this year.

- Find a range of Easter crafts to do
We love crafts and I've come across a wide variety of Easter ones from other bloggers that have given us plenty of inspiration.

- Sensory Easter Activities
Blake loves sensory activities the two I've recently come across that we are going to give ago are this Easter Bunny Sensory Bin and Easter playdough.

- Printables
You can find lots of fun printables online the two we plan on printing off are from In The Playroom:

- Easter Treats
When it comes to Easter the treats are definitely what kids look forward to. So here are a list of some delicious foodie treats that we are going to try.

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