How to Boost Your Child’s Imagination

   *This is a collaborative post 

Your child’s imagination is important because it fosters social and cognitive development, and encourages curiosity, amongst other things. There are lots of ways that parents can boost their child’s imagination. Here are some tips from a pre-prep school in Harrow.

Arts & Crafts

Arty activities are great for enhancing your child’s imagination and you don’t even necessarily need any fancy tools or equipment. Arts and crafts can essentially help youngsters transform their creative ideas into tangible objects, which can often be a window into how they might be feeling.


Books are another fantastic way to boost your child’s imagination, even from a very young age. They encourage children to picture vivid images in their mind, which encourages them to think outside the box and broadens their horizons. What’s more, they can fuel curiosity while also supporting their language and vocabulary skills.

Unstructured Play

Make believe and other types of unstructured play are wonderful for enhancing your child’s imagination and creativity. There are lots of benefits to pretend play, such as encouraging empathy as your child puts themselves in another person’s shoes and helping with problem solving skills and coping mechanisms. 

Reduce Screen Time

Try and encourage your child to spend less time glued to their digital devices, because this won’t stimulate their imagination or inspire them. Instead, spend time outdoors and explore new places. Take your child on long walks through nature or on road trips; anything that encourages them to look at the world in a new light. 

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