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Father's Day this year falls on Sunday the 19th of June. There is still plenty of time, with over a month to find Dad's and father figures in our lives the ideal gift/s. I've got a gift guide coming up soon with specific gift ideas, however today is about the popular gift ideas for Father's Day.

When it comes to gifts for Dad's and father figures in our lives there are definitely gifts that a lot of people opt for the most - below are some of the most popular options:


There really are such a variety of cards available on the market for Father's Day. There are humorous ones,  heartfelt ones and ones that can be personalised with photos and/or words. Click to visit Boomf for a range of cards especially for Father's Day that are great keepsakes.

Personalised Gifts

Personalised gifts tend to be really popular. You can get so many different items personalised with a name or message on and even photos such as on cushions and mugs.

Food and drink

Sweets and chocolates are a popular choice as is treating Dad to his favourite tipple.

Personal care

Grooming sets are also a popular choice. From electric razors to skin and hair products there is definitely a variety to choose from.


Gadgets are popular with Dad's and there is something available for every budget.  Whether he likes to cook up a storm in the kitchen, is into photography, gaming etc there is bound to be a gadget Dad will love.

Days out

Treat Dad to a day out together doing something that you both love. This is a great way to spend some quality time together. Check out these 4 fun hobbies for Dad's to try out, there are some that are ideal to do together.

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