5 Screen Free Activities for Children

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If only there was a way to get rid of those pesky screens that our children find themselves glued to. Screen time as we know should be kept to a minimum where possible. It’s not good for the eyes and can have serious consequences for a child’s self-esteem as they are exposed to a false version of reality. Their mental health is also impacted with studies suggesting that anything above 7 hours a day can more than double their chances of developing depression. To help you reduce your child’s screen time, we have 5 screen free activities for children from an independent school in Milton Keynes.

Arts and Crafts

There’s a lot of scientific backing to suggest that colouring can help with mental health, and anxiety in particular. It gives children something to focus on and the ability to create something beautiful that they can feel good about. It also helps them with their fine motor skills which they need to pick things up, grip, pinch, and press.

Family Games Night

Games night is a great way to bond with your children. It gives you the chance to get to know each other better and help them to improve on their thinking skills as most games involve strategy and problem solving.

A Day Out to the Farm

This also makes for a good bonding experience and can help you to teach your child about where their food comes from.


There’s no need to go far when you have a garden that you can use to plant your very own fruit and vegetables. You can teach them all about how mother nature does her thing and help them to develop a green finger.


Storytime is important because it helps children to practise and make more progress at school. It’s an essential skill that they will need throughout their studies and while it is academic, you can make it fun by looking for a book that interests them.

This handy post including a free printable screen time chart is great for further reading.

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