Ultimate list of school summer holiday ideas

Last week I shared some ideas of how you can save money during the summer holidays and also 15 free summer days out ideas. Today I thought I'd share with you my ultimate list of school summer holiday ideas. There is a mix of ideas for a variety of budgets including free things you can do together as a family. 

1. Visit a Farm or Zoo 
Kids love animals.

2. Build a den 
Use different household materials to make your den together.

3. Play hide and seek
This is always a favourite.

4. Do a scavenger hunt
You can find lots of ones online to print off for different places such as for at the beach, the park etc. 

5. Have a picnic together

6. Visit the library 
Most have a variety of activities on over the summer.

7. Head to a local splash park (don't forget swimming costumes and spare clothing.)

8. Get out to a local swimming pool

9. Get out the outside toys
Bikes, scooters, balls, frisbees, swing ball, space hopper etc.

10. Take a trip to the beach
Don't forget your bucket and spade.

11. Have a water fight
You can use water guns, water balloons or sponges etc.

12. Go to the park 
Why not try and find new ones to visit the Playground buddy app is very useful if you are new to an area.

13. Go to the cinema 
Look up for discounts 

14. Go bowling

15. Head to museums and art galleries local to you.
Some places have free entry. 

16. Have a movie marathon together 
Don't forget drinks and snacks.

17. Try cloud watching
Lie down and relax looking at the clouds. See what shapes/animals etc you can make out.

18. Star gazing
In the evening grab a blanket and look at the stars. Why not read up on the constellations beforehand.

19. Have a BBQ
You could invite friends/family over.

20. Blow bubbles or get out the bubble machine
I've yet to meet a child who doesn't love bubbles.

21.  Set up an obstacle course in your garden

22. Try Geocoaching 

23. Fly a kite

24.  Get some giant chalk
Let kids loose drawing on the pavement, walls etc.

25. Play hop scotch 

26. Get out the board games

27. Play the floor is lava

28. Play I spy

29. Get a camera and go out for a walk
A great way to capture your walk.

30. Baking 
Check out Pinterest for delicious foodie ideas.

31. Play chase, tag, stuck in the mud etc

32. Go to a farmers market

33. Look up some fun science experiments 
We have the 101 great science experiments book which has a great selection of ideas.

34. Make a fairy or dinosaur garden

35. Bonfires and smores 
Perfect to do in the evenings

36. Get out the paddling pool

37. Go on a woodland walk

38. Visit it a National Trust/ English Heritage Site 

39. Plant some seeds

40. Decorate a plant pot

41. Make your own binoculars 

42. Decorate biscuits 

43. Get out the arts and crafts
Pinterest is great for ideas 

44. Dance in the rain

45. Have your own little disco
You can buy a little disco light like this one here.

46. Head to soft play
Ideal for those rainy days

47. Go out for breakfast

48. Climb a tree

49. Visit an aquarium 
We've not been to one in awhile but Blake loves it when we go to a Sealife centre.

50. Visit a Country Park

51. Paint stones
Pinterest have some great design ideas.

52. Make and paint stepping stones
You can get kits 

53. Do puzzles together

54. Play with slime
Or make your own

55. Go to an arcade 

56. Go on a boat ride

57. Do a treasure trail
I mentioned these Treasure Trails in my Father's Day gift guide. We are looking forward to doing the 3 trails we were gifted.

58. Visit a castle
We went to Lincoln Castle last year 

59. Visit a different city

60. Go on a bug hunt

61. Get an excavation kit

62. Dress up/role play

63. Go for an evening walk

64. Magic painting

65. Do a paint your own kit
Blake has a dinosaur one ready for doing

66. Read books together or join in a reading challenge.

67. Go to a festival 
There are quite a few family friendly ones.

68. Watch the sunrise

69. Watch the sunset

70. Visit a pick your own farm

71. Eat lots of ice cream 

72. Play with Lego

73. Make your own playdough

74.  Make a windchime 

75. Construct a water wall.

76. Set up a potion lab

77. Try flower pressing 

78. Make nature rubbings

79. Go crabbing

80. Go camping

81. Messy play 
So much easier to clean up outside

82. Make a beach in a jar 
All you need is a clear jar, sand, shells, rocks etc

83. Make a terrarium 
Similar to the beach jar idea.

84. Go foraging 
Make sure you look up on what is safe

85. Play mini golf

86. Have a pj day

87. Make mud pies

88. Create a scrapbook

89. Go to a theme park 

90. Have a dip in a stream

91. Set up some fun challenges

92. Have a tea party

93. Have a pamper day

94. Play with Waterbeads

95. Have an at home festival 

96.  Get a butterfly garden kit
They are great for watching the life cycle of caterpillars to butterflies, so an educational activity too.

97. Learn to draw certain things

98. Simple painting and colouring

99. Learn magic tricks

100. Learn coding

101. Sit back and relax in a hammock with stand.

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