Understanding Your Child's Learning Style

 *This is a collaborative post

Our learning styles play a huge role in how we understand and take information on board. For some of us, that’s through hands-on activities where we are able to put concepts into practical sense while for others it involves re-writing passages. Knowing which your child has can help them to get the most out of their time at school and perform their best. We have teamed up with an independent school in New York to educate you on the different types so that you can help yours.

The Kinaesthetic Learning Style

Those with this learning style prefer activities where they can experiment and put things into practice in the real world. They tend to enjoy and excel at subjects like science for this reason.

The Visual Learning Style

A visual learner's strength lies in their visual recollection and memory. They use pictures to remember things and are able to do so in great detail. You can help them with their studies using illustrations and diagrams. Colour is another thing to utilise as it can help them to remember and distinguish between key bits of information.

The Auditory Learning Style

An auditory learner will use sound, pitch, tone, and repetition to remember things. They can take a lot on board from lectures and talks unlike their counterparts. If your child has this learning style, they may benefit from educational podcasts and recordings of themselves going through their notes.

Identifying Your Child’s Learning Style

There’s a simple and easy way to work out which your child has and that’s by getting them to complete a short survey. The questions that they will be expected to answer are based on their personality and ways of doing things which will gauge which they lean more towards. You can also make this judgement based on your own observations and the category that you see them fitting into.

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