5 Unique Hobbies for Children

 *This is a collaborative post 

While every school will have a range of extracurricular support for their students, there are other activities you can try out with your child at home. Here are 5 unique hobbies you could pursue with your child at home right now.

1. Painting
Most kids will get into arts and crafts of some kind, but painting on a regular basis can help develop their art skills much further. Look into different kinds of art, such as watercolour and oils, to diversify what kinds of paintings your child can make.

2. Scrapbooking
Keeping a memory of all the fun times you had in the holidays is a good way of getting your child to pick up a new hobby. Take plenty of pictures, get some stickers and some other crafting supplies to allow children to make unique pages at every turn.

3. Surfing
While the summer is the best time to do it, though you can go in the colder months, surfing is a great way to test anyone’s muscles and core. It will give your child the freedom to be on the water and gain confidence in handling themselves on a board. And it’s lots of fun - whether you head to the sea or try it out at a surfing centre.

4. Making badges
Badge machines are cheap and easy to set up. It’s also something your child can try out at any time with only a little bit of guidance from you. Help them along with the process, including making the individual designs, and see what your child comes up with.

5. Sewing
You can make all sorts of things out of fabric lying around the home, and it’s a really core skill your child can pick up very easily. Start by making small pieces of fabric together and working towards making more elaborate things, like pieces of clothing, keyrings, or bags.

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