Top Tips for Teaching Your Child to Respect Other Cultures

*This is a collaborative post

Learning about the art of being respectful is a big part of a child’s growth, but you should also explore the many different cultures out there in the world. It gives your child the chance to learn about these many elements of the world, and helps your child learn to potentially learn about where their friends hail from.

Here are some top tips for helping you teach your child to be respectful to the many cultures out there in the world.

Explore different foods from around the world

Part of developing a child’s understanding is found in the foods we eat and the things we appreciate. Food is always going to be exciting, so show your child the many amazing foods out there for them to discover. Asian food alone is teeming with different recipes and delicacies. Food from the Americas is also a good place to test out your child’s taste buds and make them discover new recipes to try out at home.

Set up events in the home for different celebrations

From the celebration of Eid to the many different festivals organised in Spain, there’s a wealth of different celebrations held across the world. Get your child involved by arranging different events across the year. Make decorations, prepare food and look into particular traditions these celebrations arrange to really get your child into the spirit.

Get your child’s friends involved

Your child is bound to know a number of people that belong to different wonderful cultures in our world. Get to know them and ask them about what they get up to that differs from your own child’s life. Encourage them and your child to get involved and explore different aspects of other cultures together. Your child is more likely to pick out particular things in cultures this way and feel more encouraged to try out new things.

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