5 birthday party ideas for children

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From your child's first birthday to their fifth, planning a birthday party can be both fun and stressful at the same time. Every parent dream of throwing the most unforgettable get-together for their child but can be stuck when it comes to ideas. Creating a memorable time for your child doesn't necessarily mean reaching for the most expensive items and decorations. The simplest party ideas can be just as fun and exciting. Here are 5 birthday party ideas for children from a venue hire in Northwood

Fancy dress birthday party

Children can attend a fun and creative fancy dress party. The choice to dress up as their favourite book/tv character or even superhero is endless. Keep in mind to mention this in the invitations so guests have ample time to help their child find the right outfit to wear. 

Artsy party

Children love to get messy so why not base the party completely around crafts and paints? You can set up different stations with different activities. Guests can have the choice of painting their mugs or tie-dying t-shirts to take home with them at the end of the party.

Chocolate themed

Children love chocolate, it is a well-known fact. Set up stations to melt and create slabs of their mix of chocolates, a chocolate fountain and even an area to make hot chocolates. The more chocolate the better!


Sometimes children just want to be outdoors and use up their energy. Paintballing allows children to get competitive and have a fun time running around outdoors. The best part about this is that it isn't confined to children alone.

Indoor play centre

It is a go-to for many parents and for good reason too. It is a place for children to run around in a safe environment whilst giving parents some space to relax too. Not to mention that it usually offers food that caters to children which means it is hassle-free!

Planning a birthday never has to be about quantity. Children appreciate the time with their friends and the simple activities offered instead. 

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Natalie Crossan said...

Some lovely ideas, one year I won my daughter a childrens entetainer and photographer for her birthday - it was amazing, all I had to do was hire a hall and buy some food!