Ad – review. I was sent the TOPIX game for review purposes and all thoughts are my own.

I think game nights with the hubby are going to become a thing. Thanks to Cheatwell games we got to enjoy TOPIX, a board game that is suitable for ages 12 years over. The game is for 2 or more players and can be played individually or in teams.

The game comes with playing board, topic tiles, counters, answer pad, pencils, sand timer and rules.
 The objective of the game is race against the clock to list as many things as you can that are related to your chosen topic, the catch is that all your answers must start with the same letter.

You move around the board as you would on a normal board game however your move is determined by how many you answered correctly. Each time you land on a circle this will determine what colour topic card you need to choose and what letter you need to begin with. If you land on a star this means you get to choose what letter. An example is say you pick up the topic drinks and you are on the letter T than you list as many as you can such as Tea, Tango, Tequila, Tropacana etc. You have to do this before the sand timer runs out. The first player to reach finish is the winner.

Overall we enjoyed the game it really gets you thinking out of the box and there are definitely times when my mind went blank trying to think up answers especially when you are put on the spot with it being timed. Only thing I would say is the instructions need to be a bit clearer about how the board works as we didn't know how we were meant to start the game so both started on the first letter and went from there.

Topix – The Fast-Thinking Naming Game costs £16.95 from Zavvi

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amy bondoc said...

this sounds like fun!