Prior to having Blake I lost 6 stone doing Slimming World and during that time I'd got into an exercise routine that worked for me. However over the past almost 8 years I've gained the weight back on and an exercise routine has been non-existent. 

Getting back into exercise is something I want to work on. Motivation is one of the main things that is holding me back. I've come across these motivational fitness quotes which will hopefully give me a push in the right direction. 

Getting Started
Commiting yourself to a fitness routine is a great start, however before you actually begin there are 3 things you need to do first.

1. Set your fitness goal
Think about why you want to be on a fitness journey. Maybe you are wanting to  loose weight, tone up, build up muscle or just be more active. When you have a clear goal it's easier to stay motivated as you have something to work towards.

2. Decide on the type of workout
There are loads of different workout options to choose from — cardio, weight lifting, yoga, dance etc. I've decided to start off using an app I've recently come across called FitOn which has a wide range of workouts. Eventually I want to start using my *spin bike a few times a week and get back into Zumba too. 

3. Get your equipment together
Equipment needed really depends on the workout you have opted for. The basics I'd recommend having are a pair of trainers, a yoga mat, dumbells, towel and a water bottle. 

Tips for helping you stay consistent

1. Schedule your workouts
Creating out a workout plan and having a routine is  great for keeping your fitness consistent. When using the FitOn app I'll set up a reminder to do a workout and when it comes to other exercises I'll set up reminders using our Alexa. 

2. Join a fitness challenge 
If you having fallen off track or need an extra push why not look into doing a fitness challenge. You can find loads of different challenges online. From couch to 5k to a 10 day kickstarter challenge there is something out there for everyone. 

3. Buddy up
Working out with a friend, partner etc means you  can hold each other accountable and can be a great support.

4. Remember your why
Remembering your goal/why you want to be on a fitness journey can reignite your motivation. It can be hard when you are first starting out getting back into exercise to keep going.

5. Keep an eye on your progress
Change takes time and you may not notice the small changes so its a good idea to write any changes down. Maybe you notice that when using weights you can lift heavier ones or your sleeping better, feeing more energy, can workout a little longer etc.

6. Don't over do it 
I think this was partly my problem when I first tried exercising after having Blake. It's best to start off slowly and build up. I think I pressured myself too much which resulted me being in pain which put me off it. 

For a further read why not check out this post on exercise tips that really work.

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