What is Cord Blood Banking?

*This is a collaborative post

During your pregnancy you may hear about something called cord blood banking. But what is that? How does it work? Does it affect your birth plan? 

In this post we hope to answer some of your questions. Read on if you are curious.

Why Store Cord Blood?

Your first question may be “why would I need to store my baby’s cord blood?” 

Is Cord Blood Worth Storing?

Stem cell therapies currently treat over 80 conditions worldwide. Normally, if someone requires a treatment, they will have to wait for a donor. This could take some time to find someone that is a close enough genetic match. By saving your baby’s cord blood you give them quick access to a 100% match. Not only that but they could also help a sibling as there is a chance that siblings can be true match too. 

By saving the stem cells you provide your family with a safety net. These precious stem cells would otherwise become medical waste. You can also donate your baby’s stem cells but there are a limited number of hospitals that offer this service. Stem cell storage is expensive though, but you can have exclusive access to those stem cells.

At the end of the day, it is your choice what you do with the cord blood and whether you believe it to be worth it. 

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