Ad/Gifted : I was gifted the items featured in this post from Very in return for inclusion. 

Every year when Christmas comes around there are popular toys that will be on a lot of children's Christmas wish lists. This year lots of families are making cutbacks due to the cost of living crisis and so many of the top toy picks are at lower price points. 

To help you out I have picked out 7 toys that are sure to be popular this Christmas thanks to Very, who have a huge range of brand name toys to choose from including Barbie, LEGO, Jurassic World, Learning Resources and more.

Barbie fans will love unboxing the new Cutie Reveal characters. With cute plush costumes and 10 surprises, including a mini pet, these super cute dolls are the perfect gift for any Barbie fan. They make a great addition to any collection, and there are several designs to choose from so fans can collect them all!  

Barbie Dreamplane playset

Sticking with Barbie the Dreamplane playset is already a popular toy as Very are currently awaiting more stock. With realistic touches, like reclining seats, working overhead compartments and a snack cart with removable trays, the Dreamplane is the ticket to role-play fun. There are over 15 pieces included in the set to let kids play out eating, napping or resting while watching entertainment. There's a seat for the pilot and 2 more for passengers that have a TV screen and really recline, just like on a real plane (dolls are sold separately).

Sink N' Sand by Spin Master Games is fun for the whole family and bound to be on many wishlists this Christmas. Sink N' Sand is unlike any other kids game you will find, with the inclusion of the iconic and mega-popular Kinetic Sand and is a great addition to your child's collection of sensory/fidget toys.

The aim of the game is to not fall into the quicksand! You start by rolling the die and pulling a stick. As more and more quicksand falls to the bottom, some explorers will sink with it, eliminating them. Someone lucky will find a Redemption Ruby among the sand to use for another chance at survival! Be the last one standing tall when the quicksand falls to win this fun game. 
Jurrassic World fans will love to cuddle up and keep warm with this cosy Jurassic World Heatable! Perfect for winter, children can keep their T-Rex close when they are snuggled in bed. Not just for heating up, this T-Rex Heatable can take pride of place on their bed and can be a great addition to any dinosaur fan's bedroom. Simply warm in the microwave and away to bed you go! Adult supervision is required. 

Fans of Marvel and Goo Jit Zu will love creating their own unique Marvel squeeze ball characters! This fun set contains everything you need to make three amazing character Squeeze Balls. Choose from Spider Man, Hulk or Iron Man! You simply mix, fill, lock and squeeze! Fill your squeeze balls with different super hero accessories. Use again and again to make fresh ones.

Blake loves anything sensory and these are sure to be a hit with him. Learning Resources Sensory Fidget Tubes encourages children to manage their emotions, focus their attention and practice quiet, calm engagement. These securely sealed, easy-to-grip bottles offer fascinating movement patterns that are mesmerising. 
LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog - Green Hill Zone
LEGO is always a popular choice. There are lots of sets available and the one that caught my eye is the Sonic the Hedgehog, Green Hill Zone set. Build a classic level from the iconic game by recreating the Green Hill Zone. Share your exciting memories of Sonic the Hedgehog whizzing round loops, collecting golden rings and saving the animals from the sinister Dr. Eggman.

You can arrange the level in your own way and bring it to life with a LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog minifigure and Dr. Eggman, Moto Bug and Crabmeat figures. 

Construct authentic details of Green Hill Zone - the first level from the original game, with its iconic checker pattern and features. Step-by-step building instructions are included and – like in the game – you collect Chaos Emeralds as you progress.

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