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Today I am sharing with you how you can make these colourful hand-held lanterns. They are a fun activity to do for all ages and you can be creative as you want with your design.

They can be used as a decorative piece in your home and you can use them on lantern walks. There is a guided lantern walk being held where we live near the end of the month that we plan to join.

To make these colourful hand-held lanterns
 You will need:

-Things to decorate the sweet jars
- Scissors 

You can use lots of different materials to decorate your lantern here are a few reccomendations:

- paints
- felt tips
- stickers
- ribbon 
- sequins
- print outs (we used print out leaves)

1. Set out your chosen materials for decorating the sweet jars.

2. Decorate it how you please. This is especially important for children to express their creativity.

3.Set the sweet jar aside to dry if needed 

4. Once dry, place a battery operated tea light inside.

5. This step is optional - you can use pipecleaners to make a strong handle for it to be carried.

This really is such a simple but fun activity for all ages. Blake really enjoyed us doing it together. Once the lantern is finished you can then head outside after dusk to see it lit up.

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