It's definitely getting more noticeably colder. With the cost of living increasing and the surge in gas and electricity prices it's a worrying time for many. We are looking into ways to reduce our energy bills and so I thought I'd share with you ways to keep warm without putting the heating on. 

There are actually quite a few things you can actually do to keep warm that are worth considering doing before you put the heating on. 


Wrap up warm
Seems like the most obvious idea,however layering really does work. On really cold days, especially if you are going to be outside than layering really is a must. It can be as simple as wearing tights under trousers and popping on a jumper. The principles of layering are:

The Base Layer 
This is the layer closest to your skin. It's reccomended to avoid cotton if possible and opt instead for Polyester, silk or some other material with the ability to wick sweat away from your skin.  There are thermal leggings and tops that you can purchase and they don't have to be expensive.

The midlayer should also lock in warmth and wick away sweat. Wearing a second layer will help trap warmth your baselayer hasn't managed to keep in. A lightweight fleece is a great option, alternatively you could opt for a second T-shirt instead and have a fleece as a third layer.

Outer layer 
The outlayer is usually a waterproof layer for outdoors. If indoors the base layer and midlayer should be enough if not you can add an extra jumper or jacket.

Useful products
There are range of products out there that you can purchase that may work at keeping you warm. Some of the options are:
- Electric blanket 
- Hot water bottle
- Heat Pad
- Microwaveable wheat bag
- Hand warmers
- Electric gilet
- Electric foot warmer.

Keep feet warm with rugs and slippers
If your feet are cold the rest of you will be cold so they say. Slippers that enclose your feet are the better option. I opt for ones that have hard soles that are waterproof because in both kitchens and bathrooms floors get splashed easily. As for rugs putting them and bath mats down will help to keep feet warm.  We actually use an interlocking foam mat in our living room and it's definitely made a difference. 

Eat and drink warming foods/drinks
Eating regularly will keep you warm and at least one of your meals a day should be a hot one. Hot drinks also are great for keeping warm. 

Move around
Gentle exercise can help you keep warm. So aim to move around once every hour.

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