What Will My Child Learn at Nursery?

*This is a collaborative post 

Nursery offers parents a break and can help ease many back into work. Whilst they’re under their professional supervision, your child will be working on activities which help them in their growth and development. It can help get them ready for school and ensure that they are where they should be for their age with regards to their understanding of the world and communication. If you’re considering a nursery for your child and would like to learn more about what they’ll learn, this post is for you. It contains information that we’ve gathered from speaking to a nursery in London and we hope that you find it helpful.


EYFS is short for the Early Years Foundation Stage. It's the key stage / age grouping that children from new-borns to the age of 5 fall under. In this stage there’s a lot of work done around their understanding of the wider world. It looks at the different environments, people, and technology. 

The Environment 

By the environment we mean the different types of environments and their characteristics so that they’re able to tell them apart and identify where they are. Your child will learn about the outdoors and nature as well as indoor environments.


They will also learn about how we all look characteristically different from one another as they will come across other children and adults like their teachers.


Technology concerns things that are man-made and electronic. It’s all around us and they will be introduced to it first through toys.

Sensory Play

They will also explore their five senses through sensory play and begin understanding each of them through stimulation. This is also crucial to their brain development as it helps to build nerve connections in the brain's pathways. To explore their senses, they may work through sensory boxes of items that they can interact with and investigate.

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Wendy Lam-Vechi said...

Learning is so different for a little one. They can learn so much through play and just by us talking to them. And because they're still learning to communicate with us, it is hard to see and understand what they have learnt

Siobhan N said...

I think nurseries play such an important part in early child development!

mummy24 said...

Lots of great learning!