Top Tips for Managing Your Child's Screen Time

 *This is a collaborative post

Screen time is not detrimental to children, as they will need to use them each day. But what can be a problem is the amount they use screens and what they can do to their health. Addictions can occur at a young age that can change a child’s behaviour and ways of thinking if they’re not careful. Here are some tips that this Independent Day School recommends, to manage your child’s screen time better.

Set limits

It may seem a little overboard, but if it’s necessary to do so it may help your child understand what it means to take their eyes away from the screen. It should be in a way that allows your child to still enjoy using screens. For example, only allow your child to use their phone until 1 hour before bedtime. If they have the TV on all of the time it may be good for them to have it switched off in the mornings before they head to school or out on their next adventure.

Find time away from everyone’s screens

We’re all guilty of spending a lot of time on our phones, PCs or other devices. It may be a sign for all of you to switch off and take a break from being indoors all day staring at screens. You could look into going on long walks on the weekends to take a break from devices, or head on a short break away where there are minimal ways to access smart devices and such. It will definitely give your child a new perspective.

Show your child the problems associated with too much screen time

Having a lot going on and using different screens can cause issues for your eyes and head. Headaches are a very common issue that arises from using too many devices and staring at screens for too long and it can have a lasting impact on children. Migraines are also another common problem that can occur when we all use too many screens, all of which can be explained to your child at length.

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