How to Spruce Up Your Kitchen

*This is a collaborative post

Getting to change up your kitchen is going to give you a new lease of life in terms of making a good space, making a defining place in the home and also to let you and your family enjoy it more. You can go lavish, or you can make small, impactful changes. Here are some ways you could spruce up your kitchen.

Change up your tiles

If you have tiles in your kitchen you could have a look at what’s trending right now, and make some changes that can really add some pops of colour to your space. White, brick-like tiles are a real defining piece on the walls, or you could even explore black hexagonal tiles.

Change the colours on the walls

We often revert to white on our walls but you could opt to have an accent wall in your kitchen as well. These are great for adding a whole new level of character to your space very easily. It often goes well if you’re looking for a vintage or old school look that really brings the room together.

Look at a new worktop

If your worktop is looking outdated, you could use this time to change it up. White marble or grey slate look great on a newly laid out worktop. Even an upgrade from your old worktop, no matter your choice, could really brighten up the room.

Add an island

Should you have the space, you go beyond and build out a kitchen island for your space instead. If you’re looking for bespoke kitchen design in London, then this may be the message you need to change everything around in your kitchen to make a real statement. A kitchen designer can really help with this, or you could draw everything out with a kitchen construction store to assess what you need.

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