A cosy living room design is perfect for all year round for unwinding and relaxing with the family. The room should be a reflection of your personal style and taste. I’ve put together some tips on how to create a living room design that is cosy. 

Living room colour ideas 
It's not surprising that the colours for living rooms have a huge impact on the overall mood of your home. Living room colours to consider to give your home a cosy feel are those with warm undertones. I personally prefer neutral and earthy tones over bold colours.

Natural materials 
Embrace furniture and accessories in natural materials such as wood for sideboards, wool for throws and wicker for storage baskets etc. 

Comfy seating
The style of sofa or armchairs you opt for are an important part of your living room design. You will most likely spend most of your time in there relaxing watching something on your smart tv for example. An L shape sofa is a great cosy option for bigger living rooms and is a great statement whilst offering plenty of seating. 

Lighting options
Lighting is a great for making your living room cosy. There are many living room lighting options such as Fairy lights that can add soft lighting and twinkly ambience to the room. Candles are also a great option for a cosy atmosphere and if you go for a scented one, even better.

If you have hard flooring than simply add a rug to welcome extra warmth underfoot. Have fun choosing from lots of different designs.

Create a beautiful focal point
A focal point is the first thing your eyes land on when you enter a room. Creating a beautiful focal point to your living room design is easy, it can be wallpaper, wall art or, if you are lucky to have one - a fireplace. 

Check out these further hacks to help make your home cosier.

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