How to Raise an Academically Minded Child

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Learning should always feel fun and inspiring, but children often feel the pain of heading to school on a regular basis. We’d be lying to ourselves if there weren’t some days where school is going to be boring, but we can build on this through skills that make our children more academically minded. Here are some top tips in raising a child that will love to enjoy the art of learning.

Ensure you reach school expectations

This often means that you will have to visit the school and see for yourself what will make your child succeed in the best ways. Head out to a school open day, like the ones on offer at this secondary school in Cambridge, to see what your child will be in for when they start school. When they are settled into a new school, you should then take it upon yourself to be involved as much as possible. Parents evenings and events in the school are a good time to talk to a child’s teachers and look for updates on their progress.

Get immersed into your child’s curriculum

If you know what’s coming up in your child’s studies then it’s easier to get involved in what they’re learning and how you can help. Your child can appreciate the support in areas where they are struggling and develop a closer connection to what they’re learning about. It helps your child become a lot more academically inclined if they are able to receive continuous support and direction.

Make the learning experience fun

Fun learning experiences are a lot more memorable and will create a lasting impact on your child’s studies. If you can, spend time working on your child’s idea of fun. It could be heading to the museum, or playing word games when you have a few moments of quiet. It’s all important to your child’s success, and you’d be surprised what these small moments can do for your child’s growth when they head back into the classroom.

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