This month sees another great selection of reads. Most are books that are for book tours that I've joined in with,  so if you haven't read those posts yet I'll pop the links with them below. So lets see what I've been reading this month.

Bewitching by J.E.Nice
 A teenage girl tempted from this world over a carpet of bluebells… A house full of shadows and a presence waiting to be let in…
This is a easy to read fast paced fantasy which I really enjoyed. You can read my thoughts about the book here.

Thanks for sharing by Eleanor Tucker 
In this fascinating book, Eleanor Tucker sets out a bold vision of how sustainable sharing can save us money, and lead to a happier future. It's more of a memoir than a help guide which was what I was expecting, however you can read more here.

Aria by Gyorgy Henyei Neto 
Six months after the catastrophe known as The Scintillance, Dia decides that it is time to find the memories she had lost. However, while seeking for her own past, she is caught in a web of lies and betrayal. Aria is Gyorgy's debut novella and the first book of the Scintillance Theory series. 

The Heart Ladder Sibby Spencer 
As the war in Vietnam stutters to a close, a heavily pregnant Faith flees America for a new life in England. Leaving behind everything she knew, including the mystery of what happened to the father of her unborn child after he went missing behind enemy lines. Three decades on and her son, thirty-something slacker Dan, knows he's wasting his life in pubs, nightclubs, and his dead-end job.  Although a slow starter The Heart Ladder soon sped up once half way through the story. 

We all have our secrets by Jane Corry
Emily made a mistake, a mistake midwifes can't afford to make. Escaping to her dad's home in Devon to regroup and check in on him – his dementia has been worsening, and her guilt along with it – she is surprised when a beautiful stranger answers the door. Francoise is her dad's new carer, but Emily's father seems to have deteriorated under her care.
Another great read from one of my favourite authors.

Hope to die by Cara Hunter
Every book I've read so far by Cara Hunter is brilliant this one is no different. 

When a body is found in a farmhouse in a gruesome state, DI Adam Fawley is one of the first on the scene. The murder leads Fawley to a convoluted investigation from the past, and a family torn apart by a devastating crime involving the disappearance of a child.

Can Fawley piece together the facts of history with the clues in the present? Sometimes the truth is the hardest answer to face up to…

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