Ad – review. I was sent a copy of this book for review purposes and all thoughts are my own.

Today I am involved in the book tour for Bewitching by J.E.Nice. J E Nice is a fantasy author who lives in a city filled with dragons, woodland where the fae hang out, on an airship home to a crew of sky pirates and, sometimes, on the outskirts of Bristol in England. Wherever she is, there is always cake.

About the book
A teenage girl tempted from this world over a carpet of bluebells… A house full of shadows and a presence waiting to be let in…

Finally, everything is going well for Erica Murray, witch and paranormal investigator. That is, until the mother of a missing teenage girl recognises Erica’s fae lover, Alfie, for what he is and begs for his help. Erica must step into Alfie’s world to find the girl, but it means discovering secrets about her lover that might tear them apart.

Meanwhile, Jess Tidswell has other things on her mind. Her parents are meeting Jess’s new dog and, more importantly, her fiancé for the first time.
That’s not the worst of her problems. Her parents, keen for a new adventure, have bought a house and it comes with some unexpected residents. Shadows that move of their own accord, a curious spirit and something malevolent that lives on the periphery.

Unable to contact Erica, can Jess handle this terrifying ordeal on her own and protect her family? 
Deep in another world, can Erica find the missing teenager and bring her out of harm’s way?

It’s going to be a long weekend.

Bewitching is an easy to read and fast paced fantasy novel. Bewitching is the fourth book in the Murray & Tidswell paranormal investigations series although works as a stand alone. Having not read the three previous books I was still able to read Bewitching without any confusion with what was going on. There are a great mix of characters and I really enjoyed what was happening with the characters Erica and Jess. My only pet peeve with this book was the use of the words "her bowels loosened" which I found was mentioned too often within the story. Otherwise this was a great read which I managed to finish within 24 hours. 

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