Helping your child develop a growth mindset

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A growth mindset is when an individual believes that their abilities have the potential to change over time, instead of remaining stuck in one place. The majority of the time in children, a growth mindset is encouraged by activities such as unstructured play, which involves the thought of wanting to try and attempt new challenges. As a parent, you will notice that when your child was very little, they would be delighted to be presented with the chance to take part in something new that encourages them to be curious and develop their skills. However, compared to when they are older, you will notice that they now avoid challenges due to the fear of failing. So, what can be done to keep this love and excitement for change? Below is a guide that discusses how to help your child develop a growth mindset, as advised by this prep school in Cheshire

Be a positive role model

As you will notice, children are very much like sponges, and absorb every little action and word that they hear and see around them. If you are on the search to find ways to help your child develop a growth mindset, the very best way to begin is by leading the way. The way you respond to obstacles and accept new challenges with excitement is extremely important. Although it can sometimes be difficult to admit that you have made a mistake, it is vital to do so as it can help set your child up for success. This is because it shows them that you can learn from your mistakes and still continue on the journey towards achieving your goal.

Praise their efforts

Remember how important it is to praise your child’s efforts rather than the result. Whilst it is completely fine to give credit to results, for a growth mindset, your child needs to develop an appreciation and acknowledgment for their efforts as that is what helped them reach their goal. This small tweak alone will make developing a growth mindset that much easier.

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