How to raise a polite child

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As a parent, you will want to raise the politest child around. Whilst this is possible, it is definitely a task that doesn’t come easily, and requires a lot of time and patience to get right. Children with great manners are not born with this great ability, but rather, are trained and taught these skills. However, whilst some children do pick up manners and politeness easier than others, it is still vital to reinforce and teach your child the correct way to behave and treat others. With the right approach and constant reminders, your child will be on the road to mastering these skills. Below is some advice from this senior school in Reigate on how to raise a polite child. 

Be firm on what your expectations are

As adults, it may seem obvious to not interrupt other people when they are talking or not to speak with our mouths full of food. However, this is not always the case for children, as they usually do not understand until they are explicitly told how to do something correctly. This does not mean that you need to shame or embarrass your child when they do something wrong, but rather, allow them to understand what your expectations are when it comes to practicing good manners. Give them good reasons as to why they should be silent when others talk or why it is better to speak without food in their mouth, as they are more likely to understand your reasoning and follow through. 

Be a great role model

When you practice politeness yourself, you have already completed step 1 successfully. This is because the best way to shape your child’s behaviour and teach them the skills to have great manners, is to be a great role model. When your child hears you say please and thank you, and observes you following rules, naturally they will follow your lead. Any expectations you have for your child, should already be practiced by you. It can definitely be difficult at times, but be sure to keep on top of the game to ensure your child picks up the right habits. 

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