How to foster a love for reading in your child

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Over time, the number of children who read for fun has slowly decreased, with technology taking its place. With the instant entertainment received from social media and gaming, downtime is now completely consumed by devices, with books being something that has become forgotten by many. Unfortunately, this has become evident through schoolwork given that children are now lacking the skills offered by books and reading. So, what can be done? Below are some top tips from this private boy’s school in London on how to foster a love for reading in your child. 

Read to them everyday

Reading is something that can be practiced from the day your little one is born. As a child, there is nothing like cosying up with your parent and being read a story, so use this time to their advantage. Take out some time every day to read to your child. You may choose to read to them in the afternoon when you both want a little bit of quiet time or, reserve it for the end of the day where you can read a couple books before they go to bed. Whatever you choose will be beneficial to them and double as a calm bonding activity with your little one.

Be a great role model

Children learn from example. If reading is something that you would like your child to practice and grow a love for, then it is something that you should be avidly practicing yourself from the get-go. It's okay if reading was never your thing, there is always time to add in a new hobby to your routine. You can even encourage your child to read alongside you, as children like to mimic the actions that they see their parents perform.

Create a space dedicated to reading

You need to make reading an inviting activity. Creating a designated space with a mini bookshelf or library can be just the thing to get your child excited for their reading time. Jazz the space up with a bean bag and fairy lights to add to the calm ambience that reading offers. 

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