Activities to Support Your Child's Cognitive Development

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Cognitive development is a big part of how your child learns to think clearly, engage with others and progress well through school life. It’s something your child will learn about from a very early age in nursery school, but it’s also something you can continue to develop as your child grows up. Here are some activities you could try out.


Any kind of puzzle game helps your child with their development of being able to think critically, make their next move and more towards the next goal. There are so many puzzles you could use to test their cognitive skills, such as jigsaws, building blocks and classic board games that test a range of abilities.

Interactive games

Whether you bring out your tablet or smartphone, or use games you can follow on the TV, sing-along songs and more - interactive games rely on your child to read, listen and respond accordingly. It’s something you can always use when you are on the go as well; travelling is a good example of when you can give your child a range of small games to play that test all of their cognitive skills.

Treasure hunts

Something more physical and still gets a child thinking is treasure hunting. There’s a lot of ways you can do this - whether it’s all inside for those rainy days or you’ve planned a big bonanza that incorporates all areas of the home. It’s a good time to help your child learn how to solve problems on the go, as well as receiving a reward at every checkpoint.

Charades or miming games

These will show how your child can act out different things and understand what others are acting out in front of them. It requires your child to think a lot about their next move, and also helps your child develop their skills in memory and recollection. It’s a fun activity to try out with your kids and with all of the family.

Cognitive development is a core skill that all children will naturally develop, but making learning fun and exciting is a great way to help your child learn more about their skills. A lot of cognitive skills can also be developed during school time, which you can always enquire about, as this London boarding school would recommend.

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