Teaching Your Child to Empathise with Others

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Empathy is a core skill that children will learn to develop as they grow older. It’s important for them to learn about how they can be empathetic as it will teach your child about other skills as well: honesty, respect and kindness.

This independent school in South West London shares how you can teach your child to be empathetic through all walks of life.

Help your child identify different emotions

Having lots of different emotions is normal and will be a part of how your child grows to learn about how they can feel and react to a range of scenarios. Helping your child identify all of these emotions will help them understand when it happens to those around them, and it’s a good time to give your child a lesson in recognising their own feelings. Being able to identify emotions is part of how you can empathise with other people who are going through their own struggles.

Role model empathy in front of your child

Your child won’t know how to be empathetic without seeing examples in front of them. Have a look at ways you can help your child learn through you, by expressing empathy towards them. Make your child aware that they can learn a lot by leading through your example, which is a good time to help your child learn about what empathy can look like.

Show your child that your child is able to make mistakes

Making mistakes leads to being a good role model for them. You will find that your child is able to become more comfortable with being wrong and making it a normal part of our development. Mistakes teach children about empathy - you’re telling your child that making mistakes is part of learning and showing their friends that they too can make mistakes and learn from them.

Helping your child more in touch with their empathetic side will give them a lot to explore and learn about. It’s how your child can really help themselves learn more about who they are, through developing honest intentions and finding ways to support others.

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