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Today I am involved in the book tour for The Point Where The Ocean Ends by Siobhan Murphy. Siobhan Murphy is a contemporary women's fiction author based in the UK. She has spent many years drifting around the world in search of adventure and trying to figure out what to do with her life. She still isn’t sure if she's found the answer, but having rattled on about writing books for years, she finally did something about it. At present, writing feels like the perfect job, and is providing her with an enormous amount of pleasure.

About the book

A lifetime of searching
A restless, nomadic journey
And a secret kept buried for years

As winter turns to spring on the North Cornish coast, Kerensa O’Connell receives an unexpected message relating to a passionate relationship deep in her past. A message that stirs up memories threatening to derail her comfortable life and her marriage. While the world is forced to press the pause button, Kerensa has no choice but to slow down and confront the demons that have plagued her throughout her life. Battling both mental and physical health issues, she must decide once and for all what she is looking for and whom she wants by her side.

Simultaneously unfolding over a few months and several decades, the story moves from the windswept plains of East Africa to the stunning islands of the Great Barrier Reef, the tranquil mountains of the Himalayas, and the bustling cities of Europe. Kerensa confronts happiness and heartbreak through the lens of her camera and her connection to the people she loves. Piecing together her memories of love, loss, and adventure, she starts to make sense of the choices she has made and question the internal chaos that has always defined her.

A tale of colliding life paths, fate and chance.
A journey of discovery and coming to terms with the truth of the past.
An unforgettable love story with the mystery of an ambiguous figure at its heart and a reminder that letting go of the past can take a lifetime

The point where the ocean ends is a beautifully written book. The story takes you through the life of Kerensa who in current times is middle aged and at a crossroads in life. The story also shares her past where we get to go on her travels with her and see how love, loss and her travels have shaped her life. This beautiful story is moving debut novel and I look forward to reading more from this author.

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