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Father's Day is almost here (18th June)  and I wanted to share with you a little guide with some ideas of what you can buy for your Dad/father figure in your life this year. For more ideas why not check out the Father's Day gift guide (and giveaway) that a bunch of us bloggers have come up with. 

Gillette Labs in 2022 launched their first razor with a built-in exfoliating bar. It changed the game by giving people the best, and most effortless, shave of their life. Now, in 2023, the brand has introduced the Gillette Labs Neon Night, an exciting neon green and black colourway. The built-in exfoliating bar clears the path before the blades for an effortless shave in one stroke and the handle comes with a money back guarantee, so it’s your ultimate shave or your money back.

Chemistry Book Flask | Kikkerland

This chemistry book flask will really make the grade. Hidden inside a what looks like a book is this stainless steel flask. With a 100ml capacity Dad is sure to enjoy his favourite tipple in this fun design.

The perfect gift for a cyclist! Because there's nothing better than cracking open a cold one after a long bike ride. With this fun stainless steel keyring, you'll never have to scramble through your drawers looking for a bottle opener again.

Mary and her seven devil's by Peter Morris | Literally PR 

 Mary – a bright but slightly frivolous teenager – is wooed by sweet-sounding sirens; the lure of sexual psychopathy with its compulsive quick sands, the
trendy student philanthropies, the fake Eden’s of the devious egalitarian social worker. Her courage and strength of character are the antidote and the solution to these charlatans and other false flags. They enable her to avoid what Kierkegaard calls, ‘The greatest despair of not knowing who you are.’She evolves into a sound-minded young woman, who also by her love for a poor and lonely fellow student, not only saves him but also deepens her own spirit.

Just for Dad & Me | Daddilife Books

This new and unique keepsake journal for dads and daughters is a lovely way to share thoughts, favourite memories etc. It's a great gift for younger daughters to give their Dad this coming Father's Day.

Ekster aluminium cardholder | Ekster

Ekster make wallets, bags and accessories that save you time, so you can get back to living. Ekster have released two new colours (Olive and Navy) to their aluminium collection. This cardholder fans out your cards at the click of a button and the expandable metal backplate allows you to carry more while keeping a slim profile. 

Walking print with personalised map | Atlas & I

Atlas and I create beautiful personalise prints using vintage maps from across the UK and globally. The walking print featured makes a wonderful gift for Dads that like to go walking, the antique map shown behind the printed silhouette can cover a favourite local area around their home.

Gel Blaster Surge | Toy town stores

Gel Blaster takes you to the next level in awesome outdoor fun with the exciting new Gel Blaster SURGE. Adrenalin filled, competitive play doesn’t need to be messy! The Gel Blaster SURGE is a fun filled blaster with barley any mess or clean upThe rechargeable Gel Blaster SURGE shoots water based beads or “Gellets” that burst on impact. This innovative blaster is ready to blast straight out of the box.

This new 'Shrimply The Best' Treat Trunk is filled with everything you might need to send a new daddy this Father's Day. Packed to the brim with all kinds of treats that a new Daddy will love, from decadent 
chocolates and delicious foam sweets, to a super dad keyring and new dad mug!
Included in this trunk:
- A new Daddy mug
- A little wish for my daddy wish string.
- A box of Holdsworth mini chocolates.
- A super dad key ring photo holder.
- A pack of 'Shrimply the Best' - Foam 
shrimp sweets.
- Hand Cream
Plus, a keepsake luggage trunk.

Clean R is CleanCo's take on Spiced Caribbean Rum. With a warming spice, golden caramel and cayenne pepper. Big flavoured Jamaican rum is mixed with a secretly guarded blend of spices. This boldly flavoured distillate is combined with other ingredients to create the finished non-alcoholic spirit.

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