Equipping Your Child with Skills to Overcome Life's Obstacles

*This is a collaborative post

As part of developing a child’s independence, parents need to teach them how to overcome obstacles that come their way. Below is guidance from a private school in Guildford on how you can make them appear less intimidating, develop their confidence, and teach them to handle such situations correctly.

Creative Thinking 

Creativity is possibly one of the most important skills for this as children need the ability to think innovatively to solve problems and make good decisions. To help your child with their creativity, first look for ways that you can help them explore their imagination. Open-ended toys and unstructured play are brilliant examples as they give children the opportunity to create their own ideas and execute them without being bound to specific ideas and rules. 

How to Problem Solve

There’s also a way to effectively solve problems which they can learn. First, they must identify the problem itself and break it down to see how it must be tackled. They can then brainstorm ideas, evaluate them by weighing up their pros and cons and put them to the test. 

Develop Their Optimism 

It’s quite easy for children to see a challenge and avoid it. However, it deprives them of the opportunity to learn and gain new experiences. To remove fear and stop them doubting themselves, work on developing your child’s optimism and self-belief. You can do this by pushing them out of their comfort zone, building their confidence and also setting a good example by being optimistic in how you deal with things. At the same time, you should work on being less negative as this can rub off.

The Opportunity to Encounter Difficult Situations

Having prior experience of handling difficult situations can help children develop self-belief and give them the resilience they need to bounce back. First of course they need the opportunity to encounter difficult situations for themselves. 

These are just some of the ways that you can train your child to deal with life’s obstacles. In addition to raising them to do so independently, also make sure that they know they can turn to others for help. 

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