5 Educational Activities for Children During the Summer Holidays

*This is a collaborative post

Now that the school year’s over, your child will have six weeks to themselves. They can spend it however they choose, in the company of friends and family, and exploring their hobbies. During this time off however, it’s important that their brains are still kept active so there is no “learning loss” and an easy return to school. Below are five educational activities to explore from an independent girls’ school in North London.

Work Through Homework Children are often set homework as preparation for the upcoming school year, and it is one way that you can keep them learning. To avoid a huge pile up before the start of school, be sure to do a bit every day. That way they will have plenty of time to enjoy the rest of their holiday without stressing about homework. Go Travelling Also make the most of the fact that you have the summer holidays and full flexibility. You can go travelling to broaden their horizons and teach them about the wider world. If a holiday’s not on the cards, perhaps consider a staycation, travel to the coast, and explore sights they’ve not yet seen. Days Out Throughout the UK there are historical sites, museums, and beautiful spots that you can explore as a family which can feed their understanding of the world and build on their subject knowledge. Activity Sheets To keep the swing of things, you may also look for classroom activities that your child can do at home. There is a plethora of resources for parents online and lesson ideas that you can utilise. Work on A Project With ample time to themselves, your child may like to start a project. For example, creating a family tree or a piece of artwork. These are just a few ideas of how you can keep your child learning whilst on their school holidays. With six full weeks, you have plenty of time to explore all the ideas listed above, and more!

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