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Phew what a busy month it has been. The summer holidays are almost over and Blake will be back to school on September 6th. Let's have a look at what I've been liking and loving during this busy month.

Super Mario Bros movie

We have finally got around to seeing this film and we really enjoyed it. Blake loves it and I can say it's one of his favourite films now with Luca being number 1.


I've hardly watched anything this month. Next month I hope to be able to find more time again.

Angela Black 

Angela Black seems to be living her best life. She is married to a hard-working family man, has two sons and lives in lovely suburban London. However, Angela's picture-perfect life is hiding a terrible truth: she is suffering daily abuse from her controlling husband Olivier, and cannot escape him. Angela is then approached by a private investigator, Ed, who reveals all of Olivier's sinister secrets to her. She must decide to either endure her husband's abuse or trust Ed, and fight for her freedom.

Hotel collection no 39 Poppy and Barley Eau de perfume
I picked this up in aldi which is a cheap dupe of the Jo Malone scent. I absolutely love it and have been wearing it almost every day this month. 

Revolution Super Base Vitamin Base Primer
I've not been able to find the nivea primer anywhere that I had been using for years. I have a feeling that it's been discontinued so I've tried this one instead, which I'm getting on well with. It's unfortunately quite pricey compared to the nivea one though.

Cursons Creations Shower gels
All four of these smell incredible. I've just finished using the "To the moon and back" one and started on the "Positive Vibes Only" one. They aren't bad for 95p a bottle either.

#Kikkerland crafters felt flower bouquet 
This fun crafty kit contains everything needed to create your own felt bouquet! Contains: 7 felt sheets, 15 wire stems, 11 buttons, needle and thread, and a paper template. It's a fun activity to do if you have time to yourself and want to do something a bit different and are into crafts.

We are currently away on holiday and these have come in so handy. You can fit quite a bit of product in them and we've had no issues with any leakages etc. It's definitely made it much handier than taming big bottles everywhere with us.
These are really handy to have in your bag. Blake prefers to use these when out and about rather than resturant/cafe cutlery. Having two sets means I can always make sure I have a clean set on me.

The arcade warehouse 
During the beginning of the month, when we didn't have much nice weather, we took Blake to The Arcade Warehouse in Lincoln. Once settled Blake enjoyed himself and the air hockey was his favourite activity.

I've been intrigued to try both a playsuit and Jumpsuit. I worried about how they would look around my belly but they are definitely alot more comfortable and flattering than I expected. The check playsuit I've been wearing is by Simply Be and the two Jumpsuits are George at Asda. I've purchased all 3 second hand from Vinted and one was even still with tags on.

Beach Powder
Beach Powder is an innovative, talc-free powder made from a blend of plant and mineral powders that are specifically designed to remove sand from your skin quickly and easily. Unlike other products that can be harsh and drying, Beach Powder is gentle and moisturizing, leaving your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. It's a definite must for beach days!

National Trust Clumber Park 
We had a great visit to Clumber Park in Worksop. It's such a beautiful space with lots to see and enjoy. The only issue we have had is with Taxi's as it's not on the public transport route.  We definitely would go again as long as it's with someone who drives to take the stress out of how to get home.

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo
We haven't been here in a good few years. Since we were down that way and able to get really good priced tickets we jumped at the chance of a visit.

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