* I was sent the CONNETIX Ball Run for the purpose of reviewing. All views and opinions are 100% my own.

Having enjoyed the CONNETIX Transport Pack we were sent we were happy to be asked if we wanted to extend our CONNETIX collection with the CONNETIX Ball Run. 

As a reminder CONNETIX are magnetic tiles that are great for open ended play. They are a great STEAM toy that helps to develop imagination and creativity whilst are educational too. There are lots of different packs available from starter sets to ball run sets and even extention packs. 

What do you get with the CONNETIX Ball Run?
The CONNETIX Ball Run is a 92 piece set that includes:
- 36 x Connecting squares
- 6 x Wooden Balls
- 2 x Y Shape Split Tubes
- 2 x Long Stairs
- 2 x S Bend Tubes
- 8 x U Shaped Tubes (180 degree bend)
- 8 x Slide Tubes
-12 x Right Angle Tubes (90 degree bend)
- 6 x Long Straight Tubes
- 8 x Short Straight Tubes
- 2 x Bowls
- Idea Booklet

Please note this pack does not include any standard tiles

About the Ball Run 
The set comprises high-quality, translucent magnetic tiles that effortlessly click together, allowing children to construct mesmerizing structures in vibrant colours. What sets the CONNETIX Ball Run apart is the inclusion of specially designed components that transform the magnetic structures into thrilling marble runs. Curved tracks, tunnels, and exciting connectors enable children to construct intricate pathways for the marbles to follow. As they experiment with different designs and test the laws of gravity, young engineers learn about cause and effect, momentum, and problem-solving in a hands-on and engaging manner.

Our thoughts:
We like that the pack can be used on its own and doesn't need additional sets. However if you do have more tiles than you can make more bigger ball runs. We like that the idea booklet features many ball run ideas from simple to more complex designs, such as a towering castle, a futuristic spaceship, or a winding roller coaster, the only limit is your/their  creativity.

The Connetix 92-Piece Ball Run Pack costs £79 from

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